High-quality and compact joystick

The TRY22 offers a 3rd axis as standard as well as a high protection class

MEGATRON's finger joysticks series TRY22 impress users with their exceptional quality as well as a 3rd axis and a high degree of protection (IP65) both as standard. The joystick is predestined for use in control panels in the field of video surveillance, in audio-video production facilities, medical devices, mobile outdoor applications as well as in robotics.

The multi-axis finger joystick TRY22 impresses with its dustproof and waterproof construction (IP65) and is supplied as standard with a rotatable handle as the third axis. While the high protection class of conventional joysticks comes at a higher price, the TYR22 already offers it in the standard version. This makes it an economical component - among other things, for mobile outdoor applications.

The compact dimensions of the TRY22 allow comfortable panel mounting with a base diameter of 42 mm and a mounting depth of 39 mm. The rotatable handle of the joystick is designed as a Z-axis and is optionally available with an additional push-button. The high-quality, sealed push-button type ITW48 has up to 500,000 switching cycles. If the third axis is not desired as a rotating handle, a vertically positioned rocker (PW30 from MEGATRON) can be integrated in the handle.

With the TRY22, MEGATRON relies on contactless Hall-effect sensor technology that works reliably and wear-free. In addition, each axis can be equipped with a redundant signal output. This means that the joystick can be used in safety-relevant environments without any problems. With 3 percent of full scale, the control element has a very good linearity tolerance, which is usually in the range of 5 percent for comparable products. The TRY22 is operated with a supply voltage of 5 V and is connected to the power supply via a plug connector - this ensures easy installation. A matching cable harness with mating connector and connection strands of 300 mm length is included in the scope of delivery.

As a specialist for industrial joysticks, MEGATRON offers further services that go beyond the standard selection and options - for example, cable assembly or the realization of customer-specific handles. MEGATRON can adapt almost any of its sensor products to the respective application in terms of function, design as well as electrical interfaces, even in small quantities.

Finger Joystick TRY22