Displacement measurement made easy in confined spaces

The MBF series sensors offer an optimised minimalist concept

A slim design and low installation height: these are the main features of the
MBF displacement transducers from MEGATRON. The sensor foil is insensitive to external influences, and the universal sliding carriage can be flexibly coupled to the application mechanically. The electrical connection of the displacement sensors is conveniently made via the integrated crimp connector.

The MBF displacement sensor series has been optimized for fast, simple and economic integration into the application. This is visually demonstrated by the slim minimalist design with an overall height of only 13.6 mm. The new concept is made possible by the simple but convincing sensor technology: the MBF uses foil potentiometers. By exerting mechanical pressure on the foil, a position-dependent, evaluable signal is generated. A universal driver slide functions as the position encoder, which does not require a push rod. In addition, the top film layer protects the resistance track from external influences such as splash water. The entire electrical function of the sensor is thus located inside the foil, which delivers perfect measurement results even under adverse conditions. The electrical connection is particularly convenient thanks to the crimp connector.

The MBF displacement sensors have a stepless, almost infinite resolution and a service life of more than 3 million movements. They are available from MEGATRON for measuring ranges from 50 mm to 500 mm and can be adapted to the application on request. MBF displacement transducers can be found in medical technology as well as in mobile applications - in other words, wherever displacements need to be measured in a space-saving manner. The potentiometric linear sensor is insensitive to EMC influences. The signal is transmitted without delay or computing time and the position is immediately available even after a power interruption. On request, MEGATRON realizes a higher IP protection, adaptations at the cable connection as well as an extended temperature range.

Potentiometric linear transducer MBF