Customized potentiometers

Product modifications provide users with the optimal solution for the application

MEGATRON adapts its precision potentiometers exactly to the needs of the application. The optimum product is determined together with the customer as part of the consultation process. The services include optimization of the mechanical and electrical properties of the potentiometers, the installation of components and the assembly of cables and connectors.
In the consultation, the functionally and economically optimal potentiometer solution for the application is determined together with the customer. The sensor specialists have gathered and proven their know-how in thousands of design-in projects for the processing industry and medical technology. In the process, MEGATRON enables adaptations to its products even from relatively small quantities.

The sensor specialist is able to match its potentiometers exactly to the application. The basis for this is the very broad and deep range of potentiometer series with their specific properties. Within the potentiometer series, options can be selected that often include electrical or mechanical adaptations. In addition, services are offered that include, for example, the mounting of components such as gears and electrical connections.

Users get everything from a single source thanks to MEGATRON services. For the ideal connection of the potentiometer, not only the installation of mechanical components or the assembly of cables or connectors is offered. The service also includes optimization of the shaft or torque, modification of the electrical or mechanical angle of rotation as well as an increase in IP protection. For demanding applications, adjustments to linearity or resistance values are available as well as many other options.

Finding the optimum solution in close cooperation with the customer - MEGATRON has been successful with this philosophy for over 60 years. In particular, the ability to individually modify and assemble potentiometers sets the company from Putzbrunn apart from its competitors.