Angle measurement in the smallest space

Very compact and easy to mount hollow shaft potentiometers from MEGATRON

MEGATRON's MHP16 series of hollow shaft conductive plastic potentiometers can even fit into extremely tight installation spaces. With a housing depth of just 6 mm and a housing diameter of 16.4 mm, the potentiometer is an ideal position feedback device in motor valves and actuators. Thanks to the flange mounting, users save time and money.

The potentiometer housing has a diameter of only 16.4 mm and a depth of just 6 mm. Since the shaft diameter is also just 2 mm, the MHP16 is ideal for use as an angle sensor on robot arms and as a position feedback device in motor valves or actuators. The conductive plastic potentiometers offer an electrically effective angle of rotation of 320° (±5°), a mechanical angle of rotation of 360° and an almost infinite resolution with ±2% independent linearity. At the same time, the high-quality multi-finger stainless steel wiper guarantees a stable analogue output signal.

The flattened hub in the hollow shaft allows the potentiometers to be mounted directly on the drive shaft without twisting; a coupling is not required. Other features of the hollow shaft potentiometers are that they can be used in a wide temperature range between -40 and +105 °C and have IP40 protection.

If series production is required, MEGATRON will customize the potentiometers on request - e.g. with special rotation angles and resistance values, special tolerances of the independent linearity or customer-specific housings.

Conductive plastic potentiometer MHP16 with hollow shaft