847 joysticks in harsh environmental conditions

Well protected and incredibly durable

Joysticks that are used in harsh environmental conditions must be robust, and they must also implement the control commands with precise movements. The new 847 Hall-effect finger joystick from MEGATRON, which is available in two sizes, is ideally suited to these requirements: it has an IP67 protection rating, a pleasant soft-touch feel, and it is incredibly durable, with a lifetime of around 10 million movement cycles.  

Whether it is for applications in agriculture, road cleaning or logistics, machines operate under harsh environmental conditions in many sectors. Therefore, the control elements for the devices and plants must be extremely robust. MEGATRON has now included the finger joysticks from series 847 in its range of products. This series is manufactured with an IP67 protection rating and is therefore protected against dust ingress and massive water contact (jets & immersion). The soft-touch feel of these finger joysticks enables simple and precise control of work machines in harsh environmental conditions.

Thanks to the contactless Hall technology used in the joysticks and their smooth mechanics, they are very robust and last for the full lifetime of a machine, with around 10 million switching cycles. In order to provide the optimum adjustment for every application, MEGATRON offers these joysticks in two construction sizes, with joystick heights of 60 mm and 48 mm. The smaller version requires less space in all directions, meaning that more joysticks can be housed in a smaller area. The joysticks can also be equipped with friction brakes, snap-in positions and switching positions on request. This enables the angle-dependent switching of additional functions.

The finger joysticks in the 847 series are provided with a redundant output signal as standard: The user can choose between parallel and inverse signal outputs. Pulse width modulation (PWM) is another available option. Five differently coloured inserts are available to distinguish between different functions when several joysticks are used simultaneously.

The joysticks from the 847 series are compatible with the previous 846 series and with comparable models from other providers.

Finger Joystick Series 847