Universal Voltage Divider for Standard and Special Solutions

SMX/SHX Voltage Divider with customized Specification can be produced in small quantities. The ratio between the two resistance elements of the SHX is in principle unlimitted.

Typically applications are amplifier circuits and weighing scales.

Temperature Coefficient: ±5ppm, ±10ppm, ±25ppm
Design: Radial Leaded
Resistance Tolerance: 0,02%, 0,05%, 0,1%, 0,5%, 1%
Technologie: Metal Film, Thick Film
Power: 0,1W
Resistance Value: 50Ω - 10MΩ

  • SMX - cheap voltage divider
  • Wide resistance range: 50Ω - 1MΩ
  • SHX - voltage divider, resistance ranges 1MΩ - 10MΩ (higher upon request)
  • Short delivery times