SMD Wirewound Resistor MSI Series

SMD Wirewound Resistor with Power up to 4 Watts

For low resistance values the MSI precision resistors are also with 4 -  terminal connectors (Kelvin) available. As an option also a special non inductive version can be supplied. The design of the broad and bended connectors is a big advantage. It is fixing and holding the resistor on the mounting surface also if there are mechanical and thermal stresses.
Typical applications are current sensing and power control.

Temperature Coefficient: ±20ppm, ±50ppm, ±90ppm
Resistance Tolerance: 0,01%, 0,05%, 0,1%, 0,25%, 0,5%, 1%
Technologie: Resistance Wire
Power: 0,5W, 1W, 2W, 4W
Resistance Value: 0,01Ω - 50kΩ

  • SMD wirewound resistor with power up to 4 watts.
  • Rugged design, moulded epoxy housing