Resistor Network MSC - metal foil

Metal Foil Precision Network in 3 Standard Circuit Layouts

MSC Metal Foil Networks provide also under difficult environmental conditions an excellent reliability and stability due to the metal foil technology. Their very good long time stability (±0,005%/year) is also a significant criteria for using them in durable products.

Typically applications are weighing systems, high precision amplifier, measuring bridges, control systems and more. A special advantage of all combined voltage divider components is the common thermal potential.

Resistance Tolerance: 0,01%, 0,02%, 0,05%, 0,1%, 0,5%, 1%
Technology: Metal Foil

  • Better performance in comparrison to metal film networks
  • Standard circuits: array, single- or divider circuit
  • Rugged epoxy housing
  • Max. 10 resistance elements (11 pins)
  • Very good moisture resistance
  • Wide working temperature range (-55 to +155°C)

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