Multiturn Encoder NYS35K

True-Power-On Multiturn Hybrid Kit Encoder NYS35K

Extreme precise, battery- and gearless hybrid true-power-on absolute multiturn kit encoder (optical & magnetic) with energy harvesting

Minimum order quantity 5000 pieces

  • Battery- and gearless true-power-on multiturn
  • Resolution 20 bit / 360°
  • Multiturn resolution 16 bit
  • Max. 10,000 rpm
  • BISS-C or RS-485 interface
Resolution Singleturn 20 Bit, Multiturn 16 Bit
Functions / Features Kit-Encoder, True Power ON
Output signal BISS-C, RS485
Protection class IP00
Sensor technology Optical (singleturn), magnetic (multiturn)
Shaft diameter 5.00 mm, 6.00 mm
Housing diameter 35 mm
Mounting Hub
Electrical connection Radial, Connector
Effective electrical angle of rotation 23592960° (16 Bit)
Housing depth 20.4 mm
Product description: True-Power-On Multiturn Hybrid Kit Encoder NYS35K

NYS35K absolute encoders are ideal for applications where angles >360° are measured with the highest accuracy and high actuation speed.

The True-Power-On battery- and gearless angle sensor NYS35 is characterized above all by top values in absolute value measurement, resolution and (application side) operational shaft speed. The optimized and compact design takes this series to a higher level in terms of measuring accuracy. The encoder measures angles up to 23.592 million degrees absolute, with an optical precision of 20 bits over 360° and as a multiturn magnetically with 16 bits. The encoder is available with BISS-C or RS485 interfaces. The patented battery- and gearless energy harvesting multiturn method ensures that the encoder counts the revolutions of the encoder shaft correctly even when the encoder is in a de-energized state. Typical applications are actuators, gate drives or winches. For process-safe integration into the application, distance and centring gauges are used for assembling of small to medium quantities. For fully automated, scaled assembly lines, an electronic calibration system is available that virtually "calibrates away" assembly tolerances (Phase Calibration Kit). Thanks to the integrated HIROSE connector, a quick electrical implementation is also ensured.

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