XTbar T-fader: Durable and precise

New T-fader with hall sensors for a constant operating 'feel'.

With its new XTbar, Megatron is launching a single-axis T-grip fader that stands out thanks to its ultra-precise control and constant sensitive response. It is based on hall effect technology and is the fader of choice particularly for users in the audio and broadcasting industries.

XTbar series faders are aimed  specifically at users who require a constant operating 'feel' that does not alter over the lifetime of the fader, ensuring that they do not have to deal with changing conditions and can concentrate on their actual work.

The use of hall sensors produces a constant, ultra-precise and extremely low-noise output signal, which, in turn, ensures particularly accurate work. The finger joystick is also extremely durable with a mechanical service life of a million movements: it is therefore ideal for applications that have a large number of repetitions, for instance in recording studios, in video and image editing, in stage management and in radio studios. Against the background of its excellent durability, the XTbar also offers great value for money.

The XTbar has a grip height of 58.9 mm with a depth of 36.6 mm. The grip is delivered separately and can be easily mounted to the fader/joystick. The joystick has an analogue or a PWM output. The supply voltage is 5 VDC + /- 0.5 VDC transient-free. Possible output voltages are 0..5 V / 0.25 ..4.75 V / 0.5 .. 4.5V, with other options available on request. The power consumption is 13 mA. The unit weighs 65 g and is supplied without connecting cable.

Customer-specific cable configurations and individual modifications to the grip of the T-bar fader are possible on request.

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