The potentiometric linear sensor MM10 featuring 8, 11, 12 and 15 mm measuring lengths

Powerful and compact – an unbeatable combination

The MM10 is the most successful linear sensor in the MEGATRON range – and with good reason. It enables precise linear measurements on favourable terms and only requires minimal installation space, with profile dimensions starting at 7 x 8 mm. The standard measuring ranges 8, 11, 12 and 15 mm are available, with optional IP54 protection.

The MM10 linear sensor combines a long service life and high precision at a cost-effective price, and all this in a small package. The linear potentiometers based on co-moulded technology guarantee a high level of measuring accuracy: The standard linearity tolerance is 2%, with 0.5% being possible as an option. The highly popular displacement transducers are proven in various areas of application, including position measurements for valves and linear drives, precise positioning in the field of mechanical engineering and construction, as well as for medical and dental technology or even for the long-term measurement of plant growth.

In the MM10, the mechanical linear movement is captured by the driving rod equipped with guides on both sides. For the purposes of connection, the sensor can be used as a switch with an internal return spring or with a guided driving rod. The potentiometric measurement principle of the MM10 is achieved with a high-definition conductive plastic resistance element. As it functions without electronic signal conversion, the signal is available without delay even after switching on and off. It is also thermally stable and resistant to EMC interference. Customer-specific alterations to the cable are possible on request (length, assembly with plug) or to the driving rod (length, thread, flattening).