The gamepad joystick for industry

Work playfully with the TRY14 Hall effect thumb joystick from MEGATRON

The TRY14 is similar to gamepad joysticks in size and operation. Its robust mechanism, stable housing and haptic properties mean that working with it is playful. Hall effect sensors guarantee a long lifespan with consistent signal quality. If nothing else, the IP68/IP69K protection rating clearly shows that these thumb joysticks are designed for industrial applications.
The TRY14 miniature joystick is operated with the thumb and controls one or two axes. A spring return mechanism guides the joystick back to its initial position. Operation only requires approximately 3 N of force. This makes it possible to operate handle grips, swivel arms or remote controls comfortably and without fatigue. A typical example application is adding a joystick to multifunctional handles as an additional control or input element.

Depending on the customer’s desired application, there are various pommel shapes to choose from, including those with an integrated button function. At around 18 g, the lightweight joystick is designed to withstand more than one million movement cycles. As indicated by the IP68/IP69K protection rating, the series also copes with high levels of dirt and moisture exposure. An optional bolt flange makes the joystick particularly easy to install. The TRY14 is available with analogue, PWM, USB and dual signal output signals.