Robust joysticks for heavy-duty applications

Flexible in all terrains: the Mini Cobra for mobile work and special-purpose vehicles

It defies the harshest environmental conditions and is built to withstand rough handling. The 871 heavy-duty joystick from MEGATRON combines uncompromising failsafe performance with an ergonomic design. It can be fitted with additional customer-specific functions for use in construction machinery and all other work and special-purpose vehicles.

MEGATRON’s new 871 joystick series – also known as the ‘Mini Cobra’ – is a customisable and modifiable multi-function joystick optimised for operating mobile work and special-purpose vehicles. It is unaffected by vibrations and heavy mechanical strain and can easily weather dirt and water, allowing it to maintain full control of construction, agricultural and forestry machines as well as vehicles for municipal technology with flying colours. The Mini Cobra hand joystick can perform five million movement cycles even on cranes and working platforms, which are often operated outdoors.

Customised design gets more out of two axes

MEGATRON’s trademark is configuring components to meet specific customer needs. The basic version of the 871 joystick series has two axes with a spring return mechanism. Two further axes can be added on top of or below the multi-function knob. Additional functions such as rockers, switches, dead man’s switches and mini joysticks, for example, can be integrated into the joystick. The ergonomic design guarantees fatigue-free work and optimal access to all auxiliary functions.
The Hall effect sensor’s analogue output signal has a range of 0.5–4.5 VDC. A supply voltage of 5 V is required. The multi-function joystick can also be fitted with customer-specific connection cables or plugs in addition to the default AWG 27 wires. The versatile operating unit has an EMC resistance of 100 V/m and a dielectric strength of 500 VAC per minute.