Precision resistors for SMD technology

MEGATRON is adding two SMD series to its selection of precision resistors

The peak performance values of the new CPH and CPM thin film precision resistors in the SMD series are impressive. With a temperature coefficient of ±1ppm/°C and a resistance tolerance of ±0.01 per cent, the statistics speak for themselves. SMD-series precision resistors stand out from the crowd because they are extremely resistant to corrosion and they operate very quietly.

The new CPH and CPM series are thin-film precision resistors available for SMD sizes 0402 to 2512. Thanks to improved processes for the production of resistor elements, these components reach peak performance values, with a temperature coefficient up to ±1ppm and a resistance tolerance up to ±0.01 per cent. The intelligent design and selection of materials result in the particularly low-noise operation of the resistor elements.

A special passivation process makes these precision resistors robust against the effects of mechanical stress and corrosion. Their very good long-term and functional stability make the resistor series suitable for a very broad range of applications. Typical applications include in the fields of measuring technology, precision electronics, weighing technology and telecommunication technology. MEGATRON is able to produce any customer-specific resistance value that lies within the value range of the respective components.