Precision potentiometer for the precise position

Versatile configurable and usable wirewound multiturn potentiometer AL17/19 and ALIR17/19

MEGATRON, based in Putzbrunn, provides an enormous range of high-quality angle sensors for all fields of application, including economical precision potentiometers. The AL(IR)17/19xx series of multiturn wirewound potentiometers alone has hundreds of possible applications, e.g. in drive technology.

The analogue multiturn angle sensors from the AL17xxM and AL19xxM series are ideal for use as setpoint devices. The potentiometers are typically used in locations and applications where a precise angle measurement with an analogue output signal must be performed as economically as possible. Multiturn wirewound potentiometers are used to measure linear distances, which are converted into rotational movement via a spindle drive or worm drive. A typical application example is the memory function in "First Class" aeroplane seats. Here, the potentiometer gives precise feedback on the positions of the various axes.

The multiturn wirewound potentiometers have a linearity tolerance of 0.25%. The 22-mm housing with central mounting can be sealed with an optional shaft seal (IP54). Other options include a tandem version for redundant connections, different resistance values, special shaft shapes, a shaft located on the back and different cable and plug variants – MEGATRON provides customer-specific solutions for production processes, even in small batches. An integrated plug with a terminal strip will be available from the fourth quarter of 2016. Samples are available upon request.

An angle of rotation of up to 3600° with the ten-turn model
Both AL series are available in three-turn, five-turn and ten-turn models, which provide electrical angles of rotation of 1080°, 1800° and 3600° respectively. The precision potentiometers achieve a maximum lifetime of 300,000, 500,000 or 1,000,000 revolutions, depending on the model. The maximum rotational speed is 40 rpm. The shaft is made from stainless steel and the housing is made from glass fibre reinforced nylon. The HH17xxM/19xxM series (hybrid technology) is ideal for applications that require a long lifetime and low levels of signal noise.
The range is rounded off by the ALIR17xxM and ALIR19xxM series. These series have the same properties as those previously mentioned, however, they also enable operation with a radial shaft load of up to 4 N. The high-performance polymer sleeve bearing on the rear housing cover ensures that the mounting of the potentiometer is even more stable, especially when force is applied to the end of the shaft. In addition, an integrated friction clutch protects this potentiometer from damage by preventing overrun of the end stop positions, this also simplifies the zero point adjustment. The friction torque is approx. 2 to 7 Ncm.