Hybrid kit encoder with highest precision

The NYS35K energy-harvesting multiturn kit encoder works extremely precisely even in a de-energised state

True-Power-On-Multiturn based on energy harvesting with excellent precision and multiturn characteristics: MEGATRON's economical NYS35K kit absolute encoder offers encoder technologies previously reserved for high-end applications. As a multiturn kit absolute encoder or singleturn encoder, the NYS35K detects angles >360° with the highest accuracy (16 bit multiturn/20 bit singleturn) even in a voltage-free state.

The product design of the NYS35K is reduced to the essentials and consists of high-quality sensor elements including electronics and electronics carrier. The encoder does not have a housing or a shaft bearing, making it very compact. With a diameter of 35 mm and a depth of only 20.4 mm, the NYS35K fits easily into even the smallest installation spaces. The encoder is ideal for applications in robotics, in actuators for skylights, gates, agitators or bottling plants, as well as for motor feedback.

The NYS35K is available as both a singleturn and multiturn encoder. In the singleturn version, the encoder has a resolution of 20 bits and in the true power-on multiturn kit encoder version it offers a resolution of 16 bits. Due to these parameters, the multiturn version measures absolute values with a precision of 1,048,576 steps per shaft revolution and angles up to 65536 shaft revolutions. This enables an absolute angle measurement of more than 23 million degrees.

The measured value acquisition and signal processing developed for the NYS35K is outstanding: the encoder basically measures angular changes with the help of an optical encoder wheel. In the multiturn version, a magnet is also installed in the centre of the encoding wheel, which excites an energy wire on the PCB above it. Even in the case of a voltage-free state, the wire provides sufficient energy when the application-side shaft is actuated to store the information about the number of revolutions in an EEROM. Thus, even in such situations, this information is available at the signal output after the supply voltage is applied again. This True Power On function works without batteries or gears based on the patented energy harvesting technology according to Wiegand.

For the use of the encoder in scaled fully automated production lines, MEGATRON optionally supplies the encoder with a calibration unit that electronically eliminates possible mounting tolerances by calibration (Phase Calibration Kit). As the NYS35K has no housing, it may be necessary, depending on the application, to place a cylindrical hollow body over the encoder to serve as magnetic shielding or IP protection.

Multiturn Encoder NYS35K
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