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Angle Sensors

Precision Potentiometers

Conductive Plastic
Wirewound Singleturn Potentiometer
Wirewound Multiturn Potentiometer
Hybrid Multiturn Potentiometer
SIN COS Potentiometer - nonlinear
Oil-filled Potentiometer

Hall-Effect Singleturn Rotary Encoder

Hall-Effect Multiturn Rotary Encoder

Optical Encoders


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Linear Sensors

Potentiometric Position Sensors

Hall Effect Position Sensors

Magnetostrictive Position Sensors

Inductive Position Sensors

Incremental Position Sensors

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Load Cells

Shear Beam

S-Beam Load Cells

Button Load Cells

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Finger Joysticks

Thumb Joysticks

Hand Joysticks

Desktop Joysticks

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Panel Encoders

Optical Encoders manual

Magnetic Manual Encoder

Rotary Potentiometer

Adjustment Knobs

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Precision Resistors

Wired Resistors

Power Resistors

Wirewound Resistors
Metal Film Resistors

SMD Resistors

Voltage Divider


Resistor Networks

Electronics Housing

Aluminium Housing

Plastic Housing

Housing Accessories

Electronics Components

Fixing Technologies

Cable Fastening

Cable Protection

LED Technology


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